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3 Tips for Getting the Classes You Want

Tip #1

Check your online account. Make sure your membership and payment information is up to date.

Tip #2

Use our website. It is set up so you can easily find the classes you want at our studio specifically. When you click on “Read More” it takes you directly to the registration page for that class.

Tip #3

Add the class you want to your wish list so you can quickly “Add to Cart” from your wish list. Trust us, THIS is a time saver. It looks like this…

Tip #4 (Bonus!)

Yes, we realize we said THREE tips. But you might need extra help! So here’s a bonus tip. Having problems with any of this? Take a deep breath….then, call the San Francisco Recreation & Parks Registration Desk at 415-831-6800. Do not call the Sharon Art Studio. We’ll just tell you to call the registration desk (in a kind, loving voice of course). We’re the awesome art studio where you’ll take the class, but they have the registration superpower.

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