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Siera Apicella.jpg

Sierra Apicella

FOSAS Artist in Residence

I am a third-year Jewelry and Metals student with a double major in Illustration atRochester Institute of Technology. I am very passionate about my work, and very enthusiastic about sharing the craft with others! I believe it is so important that young adults understand that being an artist is definitely something that can be pursued if you work for it. I am confident in my ability to create a safe and respectful learning environment for students of all ages. I have had a unique experience with my schooling in a very diverse environment and I have a lot to offer teenagers in the art space. I have strong technical skills in metals, from fabrication to casting to welding, and my skill set grows every day!

About the FOSAS Artist in Residence Program

The FOSAS Artist in Residence brings artistic vision, innovation, and inspiration to our organization and this public art studio. This artist collaborates with our team, engages with our community, and contribute to the cultural enrichment of the Sharon Art Studio. The pilot for this program begins in Summer 2024.

For the artist, a residency offers time and resources to immerse themselves in a specific art medium and make a meaningful impact through the power of art. We welcome candidates from diverse artistic backgrounds and perspectives to apply.

Friends of Sharon Art Studio is a 501c3 organization that partners with San Francisco Recreation & Parks Department to expand and enrich community art programs. Interested in applying to be the next FOSAS Artist in Residence? Contact Nicki Guard, FOSAS Executive Director at

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