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Kristin Pflumm

Fine Arts

Kristin Pflumm is an artist and educator who is ready and willing to take on any crafty experience that will expose her to new skills and ideas; from learning how to make clay sculpture in Italy to weaving canang flower offerings in Indonesia. She is inspired by the glory of nature, live music and kind people.  Much of her recent works consists of photography and travel sketches. These might include cityscapes, trees or line drawings of her breakfast. She is a passionate collector of art supplies and loves to experiment with different kinds of paint, materials and tools. She is currently working with clay whenever she can find it, and is developing a collection of hand sculptures posed in various gestures titled, “A Show of Hands.”

As an educator, Kristin is deeply inspired by the imaginations of her students and is interested in helping  them feel confident about their artistic journeys and explore what is meaningful to them to feel artistically fulfilled. She has a MA in Education and a BA in Studio Art and is excited to share her enthusiasm for making with everybody at Sharon Art Studio.

Kristin Pflumm
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