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Interested in being a Ceramics Assistant at the studio?

Details below about the Sharon Art Studio Ceramics Assistant volunteer position and how to apply!


Ceramic Studio Assistant performs duties in the operation and maintenance of a public instructional ceramic studio. This volunteer assignment is effective January 3, 2022 – December 16, 2022, with options for schedule reassignment quarterly. Responsibilities include: Performing specialized and technical duties to ensure efficient and safe operation of studio equipment and kilns; providing instruction to students on the safe use of studio equipment; operating a wide variety of specialized equipment related to ceramics including mixers, wheels, electric, gas kilns and power tools. mixing over 25 glazes using prescribed recipes; maintains records on glaze recipes.


Minimum Qualifications Required. Any combination of training, education, and experience equivalent to two years’ college-level training with specialized coursework in ceramics. Preferred/Desirable Qualification. Graduation from an accredited college or university with a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts is desirable.



Communicates with ceramics coordinator, instructors, program participants, parents, and a diverse public which includes all age groups to conduct ceramic activities and explain program policies and procedures. Instruct participants in individual and group activities.


- Meets program cleaning standards and objectives as outlined by supervisors

- Gives directions and assists in adapting ceramic activities to needs of participants

- Observes students during program activities to monitor for safety and health standards

- Maintains working area and equipment in clean operating condition

- Maintains supply inventory

- Receives and transports 50-pound boxes of clay

- Handles day-to-day housekeeping duties

- Meets scheduling and attendance requirements


Learns and communicates studio rules and regulations and City policies. Comprehends and follows verbal and written instructions.

Knowledge and Abilities:

Knowledge of ceramic terminology, policies, procedures, functions, and practices; clay and glaze chemistry; the operation of kilns, wheels, mixers, and power tools; and interpersonal skills using tact, patience, and courtesy. Ability to: Perform specialized and technical duties to assure safe and efficient studio operation; assure the care, security and proper storage of artwork, equipment, materials, and supplies; meet and deal tactfully and effectively with the public; communicate effectively, both verbally and in writing; and establish and maintain effective working relationships with other volunteers and the general public. The duties listed above are intended only as general illustrations of the various types of work that may be performed.


Studio Assistants receive a free ceramic class in exchange for 8 hours (two 4-hour shifts) of studio work per week for the duration of each session. In addition, each assistant receives unlimited allotment of recycled clay and 100lbs of stoneware clay per session. Studio Assistants are permitted to sell work created at the studio. Studio Assistant schedules are set by the ceramics coordinator and each assistant will be assigned to work a specific time slot at the beginning of the session. Because of the variety of class schedules, volunteers must be able to work flexible hours and commit to two shifts during the session.

Please contact with a resume and a cover letter about your interest in this position.

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