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You are invited to become a member of this unique community art center. Memberships help sustain the financial viability of FOSAS, an independent 510(c)(3) non-profit, that functions in partnership with San Francisco Rec and Parks to offer art programming.

Special benefits for you include $25 off each class, invitations to special events, free admission to student sales,​ and early registration for most Sharon Art Studio programs.


We are proud of our high level teaching staff. We hire year round for both youth and adult classes. Are you invested in sparking curiosity, creativity, and confidence in students? We are currently looking for teachers in jewelry and metal arts, fiber arts, and mixed media. You create the curriculum and have the flexibility to teach in workshop or class series formats. To apply, send your resume and a class proposal based on a previously taught class. Samples of class projects are required. Teachers are paid $45/hour plus the cost of certain materials.

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Board members are the fiduciaries who steer a non-profit organization towards a sustainable future by adopting sound, ethical, and legal governance and financial management policies, as well as by making sure FOSAS has adequate resources to advance its mission. Are you experienced in fundraising, non-profit finance, marketing, or event planning? Consider making the commitment to be on our Board of Directors.


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We gratefully acknowledge all gifts! If there is an error in your name or giving level, please accept our apologies and contact Nicki Guard, Executive Director at (415) 680-5248 or 



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