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Here's what I know so far

Hello Sharon Art Studio Family! A few updates for you...

  • Summer Session will not be happening. The Sharon Art Studio will likely host a small program to supplement city youth summer camps.

  • It's unclear what the Fall Session will look like, but we're hoping to open in September, pending the green light from our partner, the San Francisco Recreation & Parks Department. 

  • The Friends of Sharon Art Studio budget will be approved in June. The budget is the road map for how we can fulfill the mission of offering classes that are affordable and accessible.

  • Teachers will be meeting virtually to vision how their classes might look when we reopen. We want to be in alignment with the SF Department of Public Health about class sizes, health & safety codes, and the best communication strategies.

  • All of you will be receiving an email survey in the next couple of weeks. Please take the time to tell me about your own reality as it relates to challenges and opportunities we have as an arts organization. Art will be essential to strengthening the social fabric of our community.

  • You will all be notified via the SF Rec & Park newsletter when the next formal registration will be open. I will also send notice via this newsletter, announce it here on our website and social media platforms such as Facebook.

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