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Diving into the Creative Process

Hello everyone!

It's been a wonderful second week at Sharon Art Studios. The studio is buzzing with creativity, and the energy here is truly inspiring! I've moved from sketches to actual prototypes this week. My ideas for the theme of my work have been slowly evolving, and I have really been enjoying trying out some new techniques! It's been an exciting challenge to experiment with different methods to bring what is in my head to life. Additionally, I hope to have a few pieces ready to show at the Student Showcase on June 27th!

In addition to my own work, I've been involved in teaching the youth

jewelry classes. It’s been so awesome to get to know all of the teens in the camp, and we are all learning a lot from one another! This week, we focused on basic metalworking skills, and their progress has been amazing! I’m so happy with their eagerness to learn and their unique

perspectives on jewelry.

Next week, I plan on finalizing what I will have in the June showcase and continuing to work on my larger projects alongside the simpler things. My experience thus far has been nothing but positive. I am so grateful to all the Sharon Art Studio staff for being so welcoming and helping me settle into a new studio!

Thank you for following my journey!

Best regards,

Sierra Apicella

FOSAS Artist in Residence

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