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Jacqueline Hofmann

Fine Arts

Jacqueline Hofmann was raised to be an artist in any way she desired. At age 5, that meant sketching costumes. At age 8, that meant making jewelry. At age 21, that meant painting. There were, of course, a multitude of other artistic pursuits in between age 8 and 21, but painting had become her main quarantine buddy when the pandemic hit. During this time, Jacqueline also graduated from UC Berkeley with a double major in Media Studies and French, and a minor in Journalism.

Throughout her life, she has had an affinity for capturing the faces of all creatures. Whether it be her dog and muse, Bailey, or her friends, she finds great satisfaction in preserving the feelings and complexities of an individual’s face. Her main inspirations include Agnes Grochulska and Emilio Villalba. She will always be married to painting as it allows for the artist to be either accurate or abstract or both. Nonetheless, she continues to experiment with new mediums, since creating, in any shape or form, is what gives her the deepest sense of fulfillment.

Jacqueline Hofmann
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