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Join us at the Sharon Art Studio in Golden Gate Park for an afternoon of art, music, and food. Each ticket also comes with a picnic blanket to relax in any of the beautiful locations in the park. Proceeds from this event go towards summer youth art intensives, special guest artist workshops, and over 200 classes offered each year by Friends of Sharon Art Studio. 

Saturday, May 13th, 2023
1:00 - 4:00pm

Sharon Art Studio
300 Bowling Green Drive
Golden Gate Park


Featured Potters

Scott Norman

I’ve been potting since I was a small lad. My mother taught me. She was an accomplished lifelong Potter. We had a Wheel in the basement and before I could throw I used to play, pretending it was the steering wheel of a truck. I’ve been at the Sharon Art Studio since 1988 with very little interruption. I concentrate almost entirely on creating functional every day forms - bowls, mugs, platters, covered jars, but I also love Raku, pit firing and making Native American style burnished ware. I throw lots of sets, the finest of which are used at home, collected for my 2 daughters and for serving in my small catering business. The rest I love giving as gifts. I love sharing my expertise and giving demos at the studio. SAS has been such an important part of my life it is natural to want to give back. My style of throwing sets off the hump is perfect for contributing to picnic in the park plus it’s fun to see strangers grab a bowl they will use often and love for many years. 

Yuko Sato

Yuko Sato first learned pottery at her art college in Tokyo. It's oil reduction firing took overnight. She loved the experience, and also the excitement of opening the kiln afterwards. Almost on the day she moved to San Francisco, she became a ceramic student at Sharon Art Studio, then an assistant, and then a teacher. About 10 years ago, she started taking Japanese tea ceremony lessons, which she had been interested in since she started pottery. It is inspiring for her to get to see Japanese craftspersonship in the tea rooms, and to try to copy some of items with clay, such as tea bowls, vases, and so on. She enjoys being immersed in pottery through this studio. 

Nicole Samarron

Nicole is a Bay Area native and ceramics artist living in San Francisco. She is currently working as a ceramics assistant at Sharon Art Studio. Nicole enjoys both throwing on the wheel and hand building. Sharon Art Studio is her “happy place” where she loves her time getting lost in the artistic process while surrounded by a wonderful community. Please check out her work and give her a follow on Instagram @samarronceramics

Jody Murphy-2.jpg

Jody Murphy

Pottery is a natural complement to my love affair with the culinary arts. As with cooking and baking, pottery is more than a sum of its parts. It’s a magical transformation of earth, water, and fireWhether it’s a mug full of morning coffee, a warming bowl of soup, or a colorful salad to share, my creations are intended to enhance the dining experience.


Contributing to Sharon Art Studio is important to me as the studio has been part of my family’s life for many years. It began with a family clay class on Sundays, then after school art classes for my kids, and has progressed to my own journey with clay culminating with my role as a studio assistant. Follow her on Instagram @mudlark_sf

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