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Member Events

Sponsored by
Friends of Sharon Art Studio

Friends of Sharon Art Studio is proud to sponsor a variety of events for you, our art loving community. We strive to bring the entire studio together to celebrate, learn, and grow as artists. Events also roll out the welcome mat to both residents and visitors of the greater San Francisco Bay Area to come and enjoy this gem in Golden Gate Park. The Sharon Art Studio is a PUBLIC ART STUDIO after all!


  Our largest annual event is the decades long tradition of The Winter Sale. Traditionally the Winter Sale was held in our studio in Golden Gate Park. In an effort to include more artists in a diverse range of mediums, the 2022 event was moved down the street to the San Francisco County Fair Building. We hosted 65 local artists as well as live music on stage. The event was a huge success and we look forward to continuing this annual tradition. 

Our next largest annual event is one that was started during the pandemic. Picnic in the Park was created in spring of 2021 as a way to bring friends and family to the studio on Mother's Day Weekend. Upon arrival to the beautiful outdoor veranda, guests are able to select a hand made ceramic item, light lunch, and picnic blanket. Then head out to enjoy the grassy meadow for a picnic while listening to live music!


Throughout the year we also sponsor a variety of guest artist talks, workshops, and pottery pop-ups. Become a member today to enjoy these free and low cost events. Consider becoming a fiscal sponsor to show your investment in local arts.

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