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May 2021 Member Event_ Matcha Tea Ceremo



When I entered an art college in Tokyo I came across an advertisement for the pottery club. In the advertisement was a lineup of members holding a wood log, tongs, and cooking utensils in the field. It was taken outside of the studio in the early morning after finishing 20 hours oil kiln firing. I decided to be a member right away. We sold ceramic pieces at our annual college festival to raise funds for the club.


Some of us would sell tea bowls. Then I heard the feedback from shoppers saying "These tea bowls are not made by someone who knows tea ceremony”. What makes a bowl a tea bowl? I wondered. 

At this event I will demonstrate the basics of a traditional tea ceremony using an iron kettle in a summer tea room setting, and also teach you how to properly drink tea. Hopefully you will be inspired to make tea bowls yourself and have the chance to take part in a tea ceremony comfortably, once you learn how to drink a bowl of matcha tea with fine manner.  

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