In this four-week on-line class we'll explore portrait drawing from photographs. Each week a different view-point reference photo will be provided, covering the full-frontal, profile, and three-quarter views. I will demonstrate to start-off the class. The head-shot model, the person whose portrait we'll draw, will also differ each week. Alternatively you may work from any photographs from your own collection. (The easiest photos to use will have a clearly dominant, single light-source.) On the final meeting we'll experiment with various portrait sketches of each other via the Zoom platform! Our basic materials will be charcoal pencils (#2B, 4B, and 6B), good-quality drawing paper, and kneaded-rubber and white plastic erasers. You may also find vine-charcoal and thick sticks of compressed charcoal useful. Please feel free to use any wet media as well, such as pen and ink, or ink washes with a brush.