The Sharon Art Stu­dio is com­mit­ted to see­ing that no one is turned away from our pro­grams due to a lack of funds. In pur­suit of this goal, a vari­ety of means are avail­able for stu­dents to apply for scholarships.

The San Fran­cisco Recre­ation and Parks Depart­ment has an exten­sive schol­ar­ship pro­gram, and indi­vid­u­als are encour­aged to pur­sue these first, as the ben­e­fits apply to as many classes as are taken in a year. To apply or for ques­tions about eli­gi­bil­ity, please con­tact the San Fran­cisco Recre­ation and Parks Depart­ment directly at (415) 831‑2717 for infor­ma­tion on how to qual­ify or visit

The Friends of Sharon Art Stu­dio (FOSAS) is devoted to sup­port­ing the Sharon Art Studio’s goal to pro­mote artis­tic devel­op­ment, cre­ative expres­sion, and ensure that qual­ity art pro­grams are acces­si­ble to all. Toward this aim, FOSAS pro­vides a lim­ited num­ber of full and par­tial schol­ar­ships for stu­dents in need of finan­cial assistance.


FOSAS schol­ar­ships are pro­vided as reim­burse­ments on course fees. Schol­ar­ship appli­cants must first reg­is­ter for the class or work­shop online at and pay the full class fee at that time. Appli­cants must be cur­rently enrolled in the course for which they are request­ing a schol­ar­ship. Once the Schol­ar­ship appli­ca­tion is sub­mit­ted, the appli­cant will receive an award notice within two weeks. Reim­burse­ment checks are mailed promptly upon ses­sion com­mence­ment unless the course begins later in the ses­sion, in which case reim­burse­ment is with­held until the drop period has passed.


Schol­ar­ship requests are accepted start­ing on the first early reg­is­tra­tion date of each ses­sion and will be accepted through­out the ses­sion until avail­able funds are depleted. Schol­ar­ship requests sub­mit­ted by the ses­sion dead­lines below will receive pri­or­ity con­sid­er­a­tion. Requests sub­mit­ted after the ses­sion dead­lines will be con­sid­ered if received at least two weeks prior the class start date, and if funds are still available.


Schol­ar­ships will be granted based upon eli­gi­bil­ity and demon­stra­tion of need. In the event that there are more eli­gi­ble requestors than there are funds in any given ses­sion, appli­cants who have not received prior finan­cial assis­tance will be given priority.


Schol­ar­ships are lim­ited to one request per appli­cant per ses­sion. Indi­vid­u­als may request no more than two full (100%) schol­ar­ships or four par­tial (50%) schol­ar­ships over the course of one fis­cal year. A year is equiv­a­lent to four con­sec­u­tive ses­sions begin­ning with the Sum­mer ses­sion and end­ing with the Spring ses­sion. If you receive the max­i­mum schol­ar­ship awards over the course of a year, then the fol­low­ing year your requests will be con­sid­ered only after new requests have been awarded. Schol­ar­ships are not rewarded retroac­tively, and requests received less than two weeks before the course start date will not be reviewed.


Please note that some classes and work­shops have addi­tional mate­r­ial fees that are included in the course fee, or are paid directly to the instruc­tor. FOSASschol­ar­ships only apply to course fees and DO NOT cover any Mate­r­ial Fees.


  1. Reg­is­ter for a course online at
  2. Obtain a schol­ar­ship form from the stu­dio or down­load a schol­ar­ship form by click­ing here
  3. Com­plete the form and attach sup­port­ing document(s):
    • Par­tial Schol­ar­ships (50%) – write a let­ter explain­ing your need for finan­cial aid.
    • Full Schol­ar­ships (100%) – write a let­ter explain­ing your need for finan­cial aid, and enclose an offi­cial doc­u­ment that describes your finan­cial sit­u­a­tion (a copy of last year’s tax return, a doc­u­ment from a social ser­vice agency, etc.)
  4. Sub­mit the com­pleted Schol­ar­ship Request (and addi­tional sup­port­ing document(s) as required) to a Stu­dio Staff Mem­ber, FOSAS’ on-site office located upstairs in the Sharon Art build­ing, or mail to: FOSAS, Attn: Schol­ar­ships, 1032 Irv­ing Street #520, San Fran­cisco, CA 94122

If you have ques­tions regard­ing the pol­icy, process, eli­gi­bil­ity, or sta­tus of your Schol­ar­ship Request, please con­tact the FOSAS office. Office hours are at: info(at)

To apply for a schol­ar­ship, please fill out this Schol­ar­ship Appli­ca­tion, and sub­mit to FOSAS per the instruc­tions listed above. Please note that for a full (100%) schol­ar­ship you must also pro­vide proof of finan­cial need. Remem­ber that FOSAS schol­ar­ships are cur­rently awarded on a reim­burse­ment basis, and you must reg­is­ter for your class and pay at that time in order to be con­sid­ered for a schol­ar­ship. 

Applicants who are not currently enrolled in the class or workshop for which they are requesting a scholarship will not be considered. If you feel that your cir­cum­stances have not been ade­quately addressed, or if you would like spe­cial con­sid­er­a­tion, please con­tact the FOSAS office directly at: (415) 753‑7004 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..